The Law of the Lid

I would like to begin Tuesday’s Challenge, by seeking to grow as leaders.  The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell states that there are twenty-one laws in order to lead effectively.  The first law is The Law of the Lid, which states a person’s level of effectiveness is determined by their leadership ability.  In other words, a person’s ability is a lid that is placed over their leadership.  For the organization this means that a business, community group or church will never go above the leader’s ability.

For Tuesday’s Challenge, this is a direct challenge to become a better leader.  No matter where you find yourself in leadership or influencing others, we should seek to improve.  The Law of the Lid is based on the two aspects of effectiveness of leadership: leadership ability and success dedication.  If my leadership is a 5 and my dedication is a 5 then my overall effectiveness is a 25.  But if I am able to raises the lid and becomes a 7 in leadership ability while remaining a 5 in dedication, my new effectiveness score would be a 35.  This is a two point change in leadership but a 40% change in effectiveness.  This is a little geeky, but it is important that by changing my leadership ability it dramatically raises my lid and effectiveness.  So, how do you grow as a leader?

There are several ways to grow as a leader:

1)      Study good leaders, allow them to mentor you.   This could include focusing on a specific leader (read their books, YouTube, blog, follow their career, historical leaders, etc.).   Ken Blanchard in Great Leaders Grow states, “the path to increased influence, impact and leadership effectiveness is paved with personal growth . . . our capacity to grow determines our capacity to lead.”

2)      Read books, blogs and other sources.

3)      Listen to Podcast, participate in a webinar, or watch DVDs.

4)      Volunteer – look for opportunities to increase your skills.  Inquire about leading a project at work, volunteer in a church or a community organization.

The first Tuesday’s Challenge begins with the Law of the Lid.  As John Maxwell states at, “By raising your leadership ability – without necessarily increasing your success dedication at all – you can increase your original effectiveness a tremendous amount.”  At, I want to partner with you and increase your capacity to lead.  Let’s lead better together!



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