The Law of Process

The third law of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is the Law of Process. The author, John Maxwell says, “Leadership develops daily, not in a day.” Many times we feel like we must develop and develop quickly. But there is something empowering about realizing that this is a journey that allows us to continue to develop over time. In fact, there is a direct relationship between growth and leadership. Leaders are learners and their learning and growth is one way that differentiates them from followers.

Maxwell recognizes 5 Phases of Leadership Growth:

  • Phase One: I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know – A person is unaware of themselves as a leader or potential leader and does not realize the importance of personal growth.
  • Phase Two: I Know That I Need to Know – Sooner or later we discover we need to learn in order to lead.
  • Phase Three: I Know What I Don’t Know – If we don’t grow, then our ability to lead seems stuck; so a personal growth plan develops in order to continue to grow.
  • Phase Four: I Know and Grow and It Starts to Show – The person who is seeking to personally grow begins to see results in their areas of leadership and influence.
  • Phase Five: I Simply Go Because of What I Know – The ability to lead seems to instinctive.  He/She has developed great instincts to lead that are really paying off.

Benjamin Disraeli states, “The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his time when it comes.” Are you developing as a leader? It has been said that champions do not become champions in the ring, they are merely recognized there. So, wherever our sphere of influence (work, home, church, etc.) each day is important. Is your daily development leading you to becoming God’s champion?

Keep reading and learning about leadership: How to Grow Your Influence.



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