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Eight Characteristics of Emotionally Healthy Pastors

One of the key factors to life of a Pastor or anyone is emotional health.  Vanderbloemen Search Group, an organization that helps church assess potential pastoral candidates says that emotional health is the key factor to a pastor’s success.  Their factors are great for assessing pastors and to assist anyone else in considering their own … Continue reading

Five Keys From Washington’s Victory

George Washington and his Continental Army had suffered several defeats or had cut and run instead of fighting and likely losing again.  They had suffered defeats near Boston and New York.  To make matters worse, morale had hit an all time low and in December of 1776, the entire army could opt out or re-enlist … Continue reading

3 Reasons to Say Thanks

I wanted to say thank you for an amazing beginning! In the first month, we have had more than 325 visitors and more than 500 views. Included are a number of international readers, as well. The reality is that the blog is for you, the reader. I write to express what is upon my heart … Continue reading

Welcome to!

Welcome to my new blog.  The goal of the blog is to help you grow personally or professionally.  Whether you are a business or education leader, ministry leader or looking to learn about leadership, will help you.  The blog will have new postings a couple of times a week. My focus will include leadership … Continue reading

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