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Remembering Fatherhood at the Final Four

Hunter - Father & Son2As the attention focuses on the Final Four and Monday night’s crowning of a National Champion in Men’s Basketball. The most memorable story has to involve a father and son from Georgia State. In fact, son, RJ hit the winning shot to beat Baylor. Then in the round of thirty two, they were defeated by Xavier.

Sometimes in our lives, whether day to day or even over a long holiday weekend, we forget the importance of being a good parent and specifically a good Dad. This is something Coach Ron Hunter never forgot despite a Sun Belt Conference Championship and the NCAA tourney.

Coach Hunter said this in describing the tournament week with his son, “I’ll be honest with you, (this has been) the greatest week of my life – the greatest time I’ve ever had to be a father.”1

It was a perfect ending to a season that some time ago was unsure if R.J. would play for his father at Georgia State. He turned down offers from Iowa, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest to play for his father. But despite the challenge of the dual role of coach and father, Ron Hunter enjoyed ever moment of the storybook ending.

If seems appropriate to close this article with a quote from the coach who was reflecting on their success and the feeling of coaching his son. “I said it yesterday, man, if you’re a dad, just go home and hug your kid. . . This is a special thing. The one thing that I got from this is that you don’t take these things for granted. I don’t know if we’ll ever get a chance to do that again. The day isn’t promised to you. . . I wanted to win games here, and we were able to win one and not the second one. But the second goal was – and I attained it – I wanted to be (Dad) this week.” 1

I encourage you to heed Coach Hunter’s advise and be a great Dad, because today’s moments will never happen again.


Note: Since the last game of the season, R.J. has decided to forgo his senior year and enter the NBA draft.

1 From; accessed on 4/3/15.

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