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Rekindle the Dream

Photo courtesy of National Archives

     Today, is a day that we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. life in America. His legacy is vast and wide in his leadership in the struggle of civil rights. The moment that best highlights this movement is the “I Have a Dream” speech given in Washington, DC. Here is link to the speech on YouTube.

     He ended the speech, inspired to say, “I have a dream today.” He laid out a picture of what America should and could look like. A place that, as Dr. King said, “that they (people) will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of our character.” His dream continues to grow, overcome and to be realized with each passing day.

     For you, no matter your background, race or struggle are you pursuing your dreams? Do you like, Dr. King image how your life or the lives of those around you could be different? In fact, could be better? Michael Hyatt in a beginning blog post for 2015, said that only 8% of people will fulfill their New Year’s Resolutions. Recently, Wallace Phillips shared that only 5% of people will fulfill their lives dreams or goals. So, what about you?

     Do you have hope that your tomorrow can be different than today? A dream that your life can make a difference in the lives of others. That just because yesterday did not end as hoped, today is a new day and tomorrow is the harvest of today.

     For me my hope, does not come from a positive outlook or even a strong personal resolve. My hope comes from an empowerment from my creator. And in that empowerment, that he made me (and you) with purpose and potential. Even though our history may seem insignificant or dysfunctional, God gave you and I life and what we do with that life is our gift back to Him. Despite victories and also struggles and setbacks, inside is a burning fire in you and I to make a difference.

     I seek to encourage you today, to rekindle the dream in your heart. A dream, to make the lives of those around you better than it is today. Or maybe a dream to create something, own a home, have a family, build in your neighborhood, to improve your community and state. For me it is to help others do more, become more and feel more fulfilled in their life. It is for me, for people to see significant differences in their homes, in their jobs, in their lives and in their communities. Can I share with you, that I believe a significant piece of that comes when you and I connect with our Creator. Like a branch connected to the vine, so we receive the nourishment and vitality we need when we connect to our Creator (see John 15:5).

     Not just the rights given and guaranteed by their Creator, but I believe a step further to personally connect with their Creator (God) receive his best, and understand the very reason for which they were created. Let us walk hand in hand today, singing the song of freedom as we rekindle the dream of our lives written on our hearts by our Creator.



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