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Four Benefits to Change

Fall leavesI love this time of season when the leaves go from a green to a radiant display of fall colors.  It visual displays the change of the seasons from summer to fall.  I know that one of the most difficult things in life can be change.  This change could be a new project, to a new leader at work, to moving your family or a new next door neighbor.  It is a coin of two sides where on one side some see challenge and difficult and on the other side one sees opportunity.  How do you view change?  Is it through the lenses of difficulty or opportunity?

Here are four benefits to change:

1)      Change highlights a new perspective – As some of you are aware, I have moved from a large metro area to a small town community.  It has raised my awareness in some areas that I did not know.  One area is developing new relationships with people around my home and in my church family.  Their experiences and stories allow me to see things from a new perspective.

2)      Change causes me to grow – As I mentioned, moving to a new area has forced me and put me into situations that I would not have normally been in.  It takes my life off of autopilot and causes me to engage with the world and people around me.  It is new patterns, new thoughts, new prayers and new steps of faith that lead to growth.

3)      Change leads to discovering and developing my abilities – Being put in a new situation causes us to (or honestly, makes us) use skills and talents that the normal pattern would not require.  I am having to navigate new decisions, build trust among new people and introduce and sell myself again.

4)      Change causes me to lean on something else – If I am in my normal routine, then in my controlled environment the unexpected does not happen often.  Change means that I have to lean on others for their help and advice.  Change means that I have to lean on God for his guidance and wisdom as I encounter new things.

It is comforting to be reminded that when God begins something new in our lives, He is faithful to see it through to completion (Philippians 1:6).  What would you add to the above list?



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