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That’s God, with a Capital G!

Sunburst_GIn a society that seems to continually push God out of the public arena, I am finding continual finding evidence of His activity in my life.  Last week I felt overwhelmed with my blog taking off and was trying to explain it to a friend, when I said, “That’s God, with a capital G!”  Meaning the all powerful, all knowing, everywhere Divine ruler was showcasing his love towards me, and using something that I had posted.  And He was showing favor as it took off.  So, here it is. . .


This week has been an amazing week as a writer / communicator.  I started blogging mid-February, building on a passion to empower prayer and encourage people.  About two weeks ago, I wrote an article on the Top Ten Causes of Depression.  I followed it up with Eight Characteristics of an Emotionally Healthy Pastor.    Honestly, the Top Ten Causes was my most popular posting so far, I was very pleased, but unprepared for what happened next.  On Wednesday, my post’s link was listed on Christianity Today’s  Parse – Ministry / Culture from Leadership Journal.  Then Thursday a quote and link was featured on David Murray’s  From Wednesday through Saturday, my views are increased amazingly.  I have seen more views in the first ten days of the month than in the first 2½ months.  In my world, this is a dramatic increase.


My reaction to this is:

  • Humble thanks – I cannot believe the opportunity God has given me.  That things trend while I am really not doing anything to promote it.

  • Expectation – That if God has empowered me to do this once, He can and will do it again!

  • Preparation – I have learned a lot during this continued explosion.  I want to give people something they can take with them as a growth gift.  I will prepare something for you, check back and be ready to empower prayer and encourage you personally.


Thanks so much for visiting and I hope that it will continue to build you up as you continue to follow Him.  A great reminder, “That’s God, with a Capital G!”



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