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Top Ten Causes of Depression in Pastors

As Pastors and Ministers, we have had opportunities to experience the highs of ministry and being used by God to bring healing in many situations.  Unfortunately, on the flip side, many pastors have difficulty fighting through the challenges of ministry.  The expectation is that the pastor would never reach the depths of depression, but persevere … Continue reading

7 Ways I Supported My Pastor

I had just stepped down from being a senior leader in a ministry a few years ago and needed a break.  After a couple of months, God opened the door at a local church for my wife and me to become quickly involved in.  The Pastor was very pleased at our participation.  As I got … Continue reading

The Greatness of Easter

We have all seen the commercials for the Cadbury Eggs, the Easter baskets and the clothes that are on sale. For me, there have been numerous years of Easter Egg Hunts and family gatherings that are a lot of fun and bring back great memories.  One year, with my wife’s parents and my brother’s family … Continue reading

5 Steps to Praying in Hope

Simply, prayer is seeing the promise despite the problem. Prayer is remaining hopeful, despite the situation, or the odds. Many times, the tide of life overwhelms and it shifts our focus off of hope, potential and solutions and locks our focus onto our current set of circumstances. Whether it is the difficult project at work, … Continue reading

Five Keys From Washington’s Victory

George Washington and his Continental Army had suffered several defeats or had cut and run instead of fighting and likely losing again.  They had suffered defeats near Boston and New York.  To make matters worse, morale had hit an all time low and in December of 1776, the entire army could opt out or re-enlist … Continue reading

The Difference Between Mercy and Grace

Many Christians have trouble understanding the difference between mercy and grace. Sometimes we assume that they are basically the same thing or that we need one and not the other. I am working on a writing project and resting this week and thought this re-post would be very appropriate. “We tend to think of mercy and grace as the … Continue reading

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