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3 Reasons to Say Thanks

I wanted to say thank you for an amazing beginning! In the first month, we have had more than 325 visitors and more than 500 views. Included are a number of international readers, as well. The reality is that the blog is for you, the reader. I write to express what is upon my heart … Continue reading

Freezing Rain and Making a Difference

We had an unusual day last week.  It was the day before spring began and in central NC we had another day of light snow and freezing rain.  Not typical weather for this time of year.  In fact, winter was working on getting its last laugh in our neighborhood. My wife, Linda, was at home … Continue reading

Tuesday’s Challenge

Each Tuesday, releases a weekly growth challenge called Tuesday’s Challenge.  The Challenge is an opportunity to grow and apply leadership principles.  Whether you are involved in professional leadership, community service or ministry, these will help you become a better leader and lead with more confidence.  To access the Challenge go to the top of … Continue reading

A Leader Forgives

Our department was downsizing and it was getting ugly.  In fact, other managers and employees were jockeying for their offices and positions.  One manager, Mark had been duped and no longer met the qualifications for an office.  He was fairly new and did not realize the policy that determined the decision, while a long time … Continue reading

Leadership: Is a Matter of Trust

It was the middle of the summer and our family was staying on the Chowan River. The river home designated to encourage and provide rest for ministry leaders was ours for a few days and included a jet ski. The River was about 2 miles wide behind the home and my oldest son was excited … Continue reading

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