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Overcoming Failure

I was recently impressed while reading 1776, by David McCullough.  The author describes General George Washington in leading one of the early battles for freedom from the British Empire, as a failure.

“The Battle of Brooklyn – the Battle of Long Island as it would be later known – had been a fiasco.  Washington had proven indecisive and inept.  In his first command on a large-scale field in battle, he and his general officers had not only failed, they had been made to look like fools.”  (p. 193)

Washington, one of most cherished leaders of the United States, started off like a fool.  He could have let it determine his leadership and the failure could have led to a lifetime of frustration.  Instead, he allowed this failure to become history.  He helped lead his nation to victory over the Empire and became its first president.  You and I have both experienced failure and success, we must be careful to not allow failure to define us.  A failure in school, an entrepreneur endeavor, failing short on a goal, being fired or leading a team or ministry does not mean that you should stop.  Today is the day to pick up and begin again.  The past is the past and the future is before you.  Now go seize it!

Read Part 2, Five Keys From Washington’s Victory.

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